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Known Issues & Limitations

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2015 09:10AM PDT

Tasktop Dev for Visual Studio provides access to your task list in Microsoft Visual Studio with the following limitations. For most limitations, unless otherwise specified, the known workaround is to open and use the Tasktop companion application. To access the Tasktop companion the application while Visual Studio is open, double click on the <=> icon in your system tray.

  • Task Repository View
    There is no way to list all repositories to open their properties, delete a repository or mark it as disconnected. Repository properties can be openned from the Repository > Properties context menu on a query or by clicking the repository name in the header of the task editor.
  • Task Activation
    As there is currently no support for activating a task in Visual Studio, there is no ability to track time, focus code views or automatically create commit messages based on the active task.
  • Task Repository Search
    There is no way to invoke a repository search from within Visual Studio. Currently, the only way to access tasks is by creating a query. The Task List view can be filtered based on the ID or summary of the task by entering text in the Find box.
  • Task Categories
    There is no way to create or manipulate categories within Visual Studio. Tasks that are already in categories are visible in that category in Visual Studio and Local Tasks can be created in a category by selecting the category before creating a new task using the context menu.
  • Working Sets
    Task working sets are not supported in Visual Studio. Working sets can be used to group queries and categories into separate projects and minimize the number of elements shown in the Task List view.
  • Open Task by ID
    There is no way to open a task based on the task ID. To view a task in Visual Studio, the task that you are interested in must be included in a query that you have created.
Task List:
  • Scheduling 
    There is currently no way to schedule a task for a particular day within Visual Studio. Also, there is no way to view scheduling information or tasks in a scheduled mode of the Task List view. Due dates may be specified on tasks where supported by the underlying task repository. Overdue tasks are displayed in red.
  • Filtering and Sorting
    There is no advanced filtering or sorting of the Task List view such as using Focus on scheduling by Workweek. Completed tasks can be filtered by using the Hide Completed Tasks tool bar button. Tasks are sorted using the default sort order (Priority, Rank, Date Created). The sort order can be changed in the Tasktop companion application from the Task List menu. Changes to the sort order are visible after restarting Visual Studio.
  • Mark as Read/Unread
    There is no ability to mark a task or query as read from the task list. Tasks are automatically marked as read by opening the corresponding task editor.
  • Rename Query
    Renaming a query is not provided as a context menu action, but you can rename a query by opening the properties of the query and editing the Title.
  • Delete Query
    Queries cannot be deleted from the Task List view using either the context menu or the Delete key.
  • Open with browser
    Tasks can be opened in a web browser from the button in the task editor, but not by using the context menu in Task List view. Queries cannot be opened in a browser.
  • Copy Details
    There is no way to copy the details of a task from the Task List view. To get the URL of a task to copy, you can open the task in the web browser using the Open With Web Browser action in the task editor and copying the URL from the web browser window.
  • Send To
    Tasks cannot have their contents re-created in a different repository using the normal Send To action. To send a task to a different repository, all of the properties that you would like copied must be copied manually between the existing task and new task.
  • Keyboard commands
    Many common keyboard bindings are not currently configured and cannot be used on an item selected in the Task List view (i.e. Delete, F5 to Synchronize, Enter to open, etc)
  • Actions on Multiple Items
    Currently, all actions work only on a single element in the Task List view. To delete or synchronize multiple tasks, the action must be performed on each element in question.
  • Tool Tips
    There is no advanced tool tip for tasks or queries in the Task List view. To see details of a task, open the corresponding task editor.
Task Editor:
  • Associations
    Cross-repository associations can be viewed but cannot be configured in Visual Studio.
  • Private Notes
    There is no support for storing private notes that should not be submitted to the Task Repository.
  • Time Tracking
    As there is no way to activate a task to track the time spent while working on it, there is no Time Tracking section available in the Visual Studio task editor.
  • Context Menu
    There is no context menu in the task editor. You can use the actions in the header of the task editor or the context menu actions in the task list to perform necessary actions.
  • WikiText
    The long text fields in Visual Studio (i.e. description, comments, etc.) do not render wiki syntax but instead display these fields in plain text.
  • Hyperlinking
    Text fields currently do not allow the user to click on a link or bug reference to navigate to that item. If you wish to open a URL, you can copy the URL from the comment by selecting the text and using the Copy action from the context menu. If you are looking for a task, you can enter the ID of the task in question into the Find box in your Task List view to find that task in your task list. There is currently no way to navigate task relations and references if they are not in your task list.
  • Custom Task Editor Actions
    You may use the Tasktop companion application to gain access to additional task editor actions that are not available in Visual Studio. These actions are meant to enhance the user experience and should not impact the ability to use a connector in Visual Studio (i.e. open email message in Outlook).
  • Comments
    There is no action to copy the user ID of the user that made the comment or to reply to a comment.
  • Scrolling
    There is currently no horizontal scrolling for the task editor. If the attributes do not fit in the editor window, the window must be made larger to view them all.
  • Unsupported Editors
    Some task repositories are unsupported and their tasks cannot be opened using the Task Editor. When a task editor is opened for either Rally or Rational Team Concert, the Tasktop companion application will open instead and display the task editor there. The Tasktop companion application will also be opened when opening an HP ALM task that supports workflow.
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