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Why should I activate tasks?

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2015 09:10AM PDT

When you activate a task, Tasktop Dev automatically maintains a task context by monitoring your interaction. The task context provides a predictable degree-of-interest weighting of the relevance of the elements (files, classes, methods, etc.) and relations that you work with to the active task. The Task-Focused UI uses the task context to reduce information overload and to automate the management of editors, views, change sets and other UI elements. This increases productivity while working on the task and also makes it much easier to multitask because you can switch task contexts with a single click.

Here are some of the ways the context is used to focus the UI on the active task:

  • Filtering uninteresting elements from views (e.g. the Package Explorer) and decorating the most interesting elements
  • Automatic expansion management in views
  • Automatic code folding in editors
  • Reordering of content assist proposals
  • Automatic management of open editors
  • Automatic change set management
  • Commit message auto-population

Tasktop Dev can also optionally:

  • Track the time you spent working on each task and allow you to create personal time reports
  • Track the web pages you visit while working on a task and automatically manage the open browser tabs


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