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Functional Limitations of the IBM ClearQuest Connector for Tasktop Dev

Last Updated: Jun 26, 2015 08:42AM PDT


  • ClearQuest is required (or can be installed in parallel and used to access older CQ 7.0.x repositories).
  • CQWeb must be installed on the server (installed as part of standard installation).
  • Customization and support for additional modules may require Tasktop services.
  • Must be backed by enterprise database (MS Access not supported).

Known Issues and Limitations for the IBM ClearQuest connector:

  • Mastership is not supported.
  • Requesting property options fails due to invalid property stored server side.
  • Long text fields are occasionally being truncated.
  • Associations support is not available.
  • Updating states can cause line breaks to be removed in description.
  • It's not possible to retrieve a list of valid new types during configuration update .
  • Support for offline new task creation is not available.
  • It is not possible to retrieve referenced types and display them in tables.
  • Invalid credentials warning is not displayed in discovery dialog.
  • There is no ability to manually enter CQ database name.
  • Suppression of sections (and fields contained therein) is not available.
  • Fields with unicode characters occasionally cause request failures.
  • Service discovery fails without proper error message if credentials are invalid.
  • Task editor fails for filters.
  • Problem with attaching context (attaching other items to CQ other than the context is not an issue).


Possible Future Enhancements

  • Support radio button attribute.
  • Support OSLC v2 responses for next ClearQuest and RTC versions.
  • Implement custom query page based on cached types.
  • Store attributeSchema options for valid new types in configuration.
  • Use change request history to derive completion date.
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